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Solomon Islands Mission

Many of the basic needs of the people in the Solomon Islands are met.  However they are very basic and some areas inadequate.  



Housing consists of either Timber houses with an Iron roof or a traditional bamboo house with custom sago palm leave roof. The houses are neat and tidy and are often surrounded by flower or vegetable gardens.  Neat coral or dirt pathways bordered by tropical plants meander through the village. They are humble but seem to be adequate.


Water can be an issue in some areas where there is not a flowing creek or catchment that can provide for the village. Government bodies are continuing to meet the water needs of the people by providing small water tanks obtained through grants from local and international sources.  Rainfall is regular however there are some short dry seasons where water consumption is limited.


The rich soil of the Solomon Islands is ideal for tropical gardens that can adequately feed the people and subsistence living is still widely practiced. Unfortunately, the influence from western culture has seen an increase in processed foods, white rice, white flour and white sugar which in turn has introduced the associated health problems such as obesity, hypertension, diabetes and the subsequent consequences and diseases are on the increase. Education is the key in this area and the medical teams we help hold this as a high priority. 

Medical and Dental Treatments

Unlike the western world, medical treatment for these lifestyle diseases is not available to the people and therefore, life expectancy is low. Our role has been to help spread the message of good health and hygiene practices that will help lower the risk of lifestyle medical problems.  Providing transport and accommodation to local medical staff also helps provide treatment to those who need it. 



A lot of villages will have a primary school either in their village or close by in a neighbouring village. These small schools are often starved of resources. Paper and books are very expensive and hard to get. Each year we have taken over school readers, paper and stationery items to help these small schools.


Secondary education takes place in boarding schools and is expensive for parents to send their children. Buying carvings and handy crafts is one way that we have helped people get their children a reasonable education. Tourism is also an other 

There are a small number of Vocational Training Centres that give young men and women technical skills such as carpentry, plumbing, mechanics, and sewing among other subjects. They also suffer from expensive resources and difficult availability.  One vocational centre I visited had a number of sewing machines and overlockers but no material or consumables.



The Solomon Islands is 98% Christian and most villages pertain to a particular denomination. Church life is central to community and very important to the Solomon Island people. It is also a good barometer for how well the community functions. We often get requests for bibles and church resources.

If you think you would like to help us in some small way, we have provided donation details below.  100% of donated funds goes to the goods and services listed.

Reading glasses are purchased new and provided free of charge:   

Medical supplies for the medical tours:

Clothing and Linen:

Educational supplies and capital expenses for schools and vocational centres:


Bibles and resources for churches:





















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