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Oil and Water don't mix

Arriving in the Solomon Islands is always an exciting time. Unfortunately on this occasion we had the port engine full of salt water. If you have to fix an engine why not in this magnificent setting. Brian extracted the fuel injectors, and decided to take out the small cups to allow the salt water out of the cylinder heads a little easier. When he inserted a small tool into the hole and levered it, the tip broke off and went down onto the piston.... The Nanni Diesel (Kubota based engine) has a chamber above the head, so it was going to be tricky to get that tip out!! After some team work and think tanking, Linda made up the magnetic device that eventually extracted the relieved. Working on a hot engine in 32 degree heat is something you want finished ASAP. We stayed the night and then continued through the Diamond Narrows to Noro where we cleared customs and were finally in the country.

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